Julep – Nan

Julep - NanI have been raving about this polish ever since it arrived! Nan was the first polish I used from my June Julep Maven box and it’s been a whirlwind love affair! This polish was the main reason I decided to get my June Julep box (to see my unboxing post head over to The Daily Varnish Extra!)

Nan is described as a “nantucket red creme.” Get it? Nan…tucket! But in more familiar terms, it’s a warm faded/dusty red with yellow undertones. Alli says it’s falls in the salmon range. It’s insanely work appropriate and elegant. My camera decided that Nan is more coral than I think it is…so I have pictures from both my camera and my iPhone for comparison!  Guest starring my super cool K paperweight. Get excited!

Application was dreamy. I’d read some reviews before I tried it and people had said it was runny and thin and prone to pooling in the cuticles – I am so happy to say I haven’t had any of these problems!

So what do you think? Happy Monday!


PS: If you’re interested in signing up for a Julep Box, I included lots of promo codes on my unboxing post for June’s box!


Julep - Nan(iphone)a

Julep - NanC

Julep - NanB


Julep - Nan (Camera)

See what I mean!??! Crazy difference. I love my camera but when ever it fails to be color accurate my iPhone is always on target.


  1. Pretty colour! Reminds me a bit of Wet’n’Wild ‘Casting Call’, it’s in the permanent collection of their Wild Shine line.

  2. I am madly in love with Nan, but find it peels right off after a day or two. I went to a wedding out of town, did my nails Thursday evening, went to the rehearsal dinner Fri night, and on the way to the wedding on Saturday, the polish on one nail had completely slid off! Any suggestions for a dupe?

What do you think?