Nail Art: Essie Summer Polka Dots

Nail Art Summer Polka DotsRecently I’ve really been loving Essie’s collections. I was wearing Essie In The Cab-ana, from this summer’s resort collection, on my toes and liked it so much I wanted to wear it on my fingers again. After applying it I decided it was a tad bit boring and of course this lead to polka dots. Everything with me leads to polka dots!

I added the polka dots with Essie DJ Play That Song and while after the fact that color combination kind of reminds me of Monters Inc I really love the way it turned out. It’s fun and cute for summer. Plus, it couldn’t be easier!

As always, there are additional swatches below the jump!


Nail Art Summer Polka Dots MACRO Nail Art Summer Polka Dots 3 Nail Art Summer Polka Dots 2


What do you think?