Julep Lucy

Julep LucyIt may be inching towards 90 degrees outside but sometimes I just crave a dark manicure! I was looking through some of my untried polishes and Lucy caught my eye. Quite awhile back Katie sent me several Julep polishes including Lucy and Sienna.

Lucy is a deep burgundy (or Chianti!) creme. It’s along the same lines as the ever famous Essie Wicked. It’s a beautiful color though definitely more appropriate for the fall and winter.

The formula is good but not great. I needed three coats to even everything out which wasn’t really the problem. It’s on the runny side. So careful application is recommended! Otherwise this polish will pool in around the cuticles.

Overall this is a great, basic polish that everyone needs in their nail polish repertoire (or something similar). This would fit nicely in my 5 polishes every girl should own post!

There are additional swatches below the jump.


PS: If you’re interested in Julep they do a monthly nail polish subscription service. You can get your first box for a penny using the code JULEPVIP 🙂

Julep Lucy 2 Julep Lucy 3 Julep Lucy MACRO Julep Lucy MACRO 2

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