NYC Midtown Mimosa

NYC Midtown MimosaThis spring NYC came out with several new displays that included nail polish. I really love Apple Fizz from their Paint the Town collection. Around that same time I picked up Midtown Mimosa. It’s from the spring 2013 Color Burst collection and I couldn’t resist picking it up just based on the name! My love affair with mimosas is long and well documented.

Midtown Mimosa is an orange leaning yellow creme that has a bit of a jelly finish. The color really does look like orange juice! But it’s not the best for my skintone.

Unfortunately, like so many yellow polishes, the formula isn’t great. I used four coats in my swatches and even then wasn’t entirely happy with the final result.

To remedy this problem I applied 2 coats of Midtown Mimosa over two coats of Ulta Snow White. The end result was a really beautiful bright yellow. There are swatches of that below the jump along with additional swatches of Midtown Mimosa on its own 🙂


 NYC Midtown Mimosa 2 NYC Midtown Mimosa 3 NYC Midtown Mimosa 4 NYC Midtown Mimosa MACRO NYC Midtown Mimosa MACRO 2

Over white
Over white


  1. Wow, the white makes look like a different polish altogether…it’s really cute, but four coats sounds like work. I just can’t wear yellow anyway (sigh).

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