OPI – Honey Ryder

OPI Honey Ryder LightboxOkay! Hooked! After my love affair with Pussy Galore, I decided to go back to Ulta today (yes today – that’s why my post is late) to pick up some more Liquid Sand polishes from OPI’s The Bond Girls collection. I had my mind set on Honey Ryder and Jinx.  Jinx was sold out, but they had one bottle of Honey Ryder left and I swooped it up! I’m actually looking at Jinx on ebay right now… I haven’t been this fixated on a collection or a particular polish in a long time. It’s kind of exciting!

I’m actually sipping on some coffee, watching The Good Wife, and applying this polish as I’m writing this post – time crunch! But hey – Honey Ryder is a one coater! Excellent – just my kind of polish.

Color wise, Honey Ryder is a stunning sparkly neutral gold – I think it might even look good on Alli! It’s a great seasonless gold. It reminds me a lot of a Liquid Sand version of Glitzerland from the Swiss collection.

Hope you all have a great afternoon!


Just two more:

OPI Honey Ryder Sun

OPI - Honey Ryder Thumb


  1. I want these soo bad but my supply house has yet to put them out! Solitaire is calling me. If you have trouble finding Jinx at a good price email me and I will ship you one when they go out here.

    1. Oh my gosh thank you so much for the offer! I decided in the last few moments I absolutely had to have Jinx and so I ordered it (along with Solitaire!) from ebay! This supply house sounds intriguing, like a nail polish wonderland…

  2. I thought all I needed was Pussy Galore after reading your other post…went to Ulta, got it…then noticed Jinx…didn’t pick it up. Now, I’m thinking I need Honey Rider AND Jinx, too! Katie you’re killing me! 😛

    1. Mrs. ManPolish! Hi!!! How is the living legend, ManPolish? Okay – let me warn you that I ordered Jinx on ebay aaaaaaand ordered Solitaire too… I’m obsessed.

  3. Also telling myself that I don’t need it…I have all six of the China Glaze textures on the way, and if I buy more nail polish my DH will go boom. But it is so pretty; ARGH!

    1. Arghhh! It is pretty! Ohhh la la! The whole China Glaze set! You’ll have to let me know how you like them. I haven’t tried them yet – but Alli has two of them 🙂

  4. Polish du jour? Hmm…lately I am loving essie! Picked up their new green, looking forward to the neons and trying all my “untrieds”!

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