NARS Disco Inferno (+ a comparison to OPI Not Like the Movies)

NARS Disco InfernoNARS is not a brand I pay much attention to when it comes to nail polish. For one, it’s expensive ($19 a bottle). Also, for the most part, I’ve never been overly impressed by the colors NARS releases. But when the promo image for NARS spring 2013 new polish release started floating around the internet it caught my attention.

The name of this polish, Disco Inferno, makes no sense to me. It is not a flashy polish by any means. NARS describes Disco Inferno as an iridescent silver green. That’s not inaccurate but I would describe Disco Inferno as a semi sheer silver with subtle silver glitter that flashes purple and green.  While there is alot going on with this polish it really can be worn as a not boring neutral.

The formula is sheer. I used 4 coats in my swatches and was happy with the color payoff.

When I saw Disco Inferno in the bottle I was immediately reminded of several other polishes in my collection. Both wet n wild fastdry Gray’s Anatomy and essence Where is the Party? have a similar though slightly darker base than Disco Inferno but lack the silver shimmer. The closest potential dupe in my collection is OPI Not Like the Movies. The two polishes are very similar though Not Like the Movies isn’t quite as sheer and is overall a bit darker.

I prefer Disco Inferno to the others in my collection simply because it’s a bit more pastel. That being said, I’m not entirely sure that it’s worth the price difference.

Below the jump there are additional swatches including a comparison to OPI Not Like the Movies.


NARS Disco Inferno 3 NARS Disco Inferno 2 NARS Disco Inferno MACRO 2 NARS Disco Inferno MACRO 5 NARS Nail Polish Packaging NARS Disco Inferno MACRO

NARS Disco Inferno 4 NARS Disco Inferno vs OPI Not Like the Movies bottles NARS Disco Inferno vs OPI Not Like the Movies 2 NARS Disco Inferno vs OPI Not Like the Movies NARS Disco Inferno vs OPI Not Like the Movies MACRO NARS Disco Inferno vs OPI Not Like the Movies 3


  1. Just to remind folks, there are 2 versions of OPI Not Like the Movies – one is beyond VFTF – it’s the origional that was sold out in most places in 1 day of release and has tons of rainbow multichrome in it – then there is the more commonly found silver foil version that has no rainbow to it or hardly any (so really there are 3 verions I have seen). Love this Nars – it’s really pretty with the micro silver shimmer in it – but I adore my NLtM origional which I am glad I picked up 3 bottles of. I had nothing like it when I first saw it and got greedy. Little did I know how big a deal that origional release would be. Most never got to see the first release. I don’t see rainbow in the Nars.

  2. Ooops sent too soon – meant to say I don’t see much rainbow in the Nars. I think the sheeness of the OPI is what lets all the shades of the rainbow come through well on the nail even when I build up 3 fast coats. I get a ton of compliments when I wear JLtM

  3. I just love, love, LOVE duochromes. I have Essie’s Where’s the Party because I couldn’t get Orly’s Space Cadet. They are both pretty much the same. This one seems more subtle. Better for wearing to work.

    Just love it! 🙂

  4. It’s actually quite difficult to find a true silver that is also as you say “pastel” and delicate… as opposed to metallic. I heart silvers to no end, and this one is lovely. Just today snagged it on sale at Sephora online for only $5! It popped up at checkout as a “quick pick” or something like that. Crazy. It reminds me of Zoya’s new silver called Seraphina. Your nails look stunning!

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