GOSH – Holographic Hero

GOSH - Holographic Hero MainHi loves! Life has been a bit of a mixed bag lately, so I’ve been a bit MIA – for that I apologize. I miss posting, polish, and most of all comments! Hoping things will settle soon and I can get back to posting several times a week (I’m sure Alli would appreciate this too!)

Allow me to introduce my very first GOSH polish!!! I’ve admired GOSH holographic polishes from afar for an eternity and finally thanks to Sincerely Stephanie, I have it! Stephanie sent it to me in a secret nail pal exchange several months ago. I’ve worn it a dozen times since and it’s glorious! It makes me feel like a futuristic space cowboy rockstar goddess princess. Yes – all of those things at once. Amazing, right?

I have a bit of a love affair with holographic nail polishes and surprisingly – unless I’m mistaken – this is my first true linear holo. Ready for the easiest color description ever? Gorgeous silver holographic polish. It applies really well, you have to be a bit careful to make sure it doesn’t jump into your cuticles but it dries quickly and I only used two coats. To top it off, I used one coat of Cult’s Wicked Fast.

Have you tried any GOSH polishes? I’d love some recommendations! Also looking for a great gold linear holo polish to add to my stash….

Since I’m feeling a bit chatty, click below for some more pictures of Holographic Hero and maybe a few extra goodies too!

Happy Wednesday!


First up, more Holographic Hero:

GOSH - Holo Hero Bottle

GOSH - Holographic Hero 1

I went to Miami with some friends last week, I’d never been and I haven’t been to Florida since 4th grade. It was sunny and beautiful and even though I was sick most of the time (allergies) – I had a blast.




My Miami Mani: OPI’s Glitzerland:


Can you believe I’ve had my foster-pup for two months!? We’ve walked 146 miles together so far! How cute is this fella?



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15 thoughts on “GOSH – Holographic Hero

  1. This was my first (and only) true holo polish! I’d love to get my hands on a green holo…

  2. I love all my GOSH Polishes.

    I have Holographic Hero, Galaxy (dark gold with blue sparkle), & Gasoline (dark purple with slight blue sparkle)

  3. I love all my GOSH Polishes.
    I have Holographic Hero, Galaxy (dark gold with blue sparkle), & Gasoline (dark purple with slight blue sparkle)

  4. Best green holo is Nubar Reclaim – it’s gorgeous!

  5. Dazzling!

    I love GOSH polishes too (I love all of their stuff). My favorites are Golden Dragon (jade and gold) and Purple Heart (purple,green,teal,gold multichrome). And Gasoline is also a great polish. I find pictures don’t usually do these polishes justice; I see swatches of rich, multichromed Purple Heart and it usually only shows dark inky purple. You should see it in sunlight!

    ps Glad to see you back, I was wondering!

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