Amour Arnold Palmer (+ my Easter manicure!)

Amour Arnold PalmerI was browsing over on TransDesign one day and noticed they carry a brand of polish called Amour. I was curious so I checked out the brand. When I saw they had a polish called Arnold Palmer as part of their Chere Spring collection I more or less decided I had to have it. When I saw the price was a mere $2.75 it went straight into my shopping cart!

Arnold Palmer, which was undoubtedly named after the drink and not the golfer, is a medium warm leaning yellow creme. It doesn’t have enough white in it to be a true pastel but the color is quite delicate and perfect for this time of year. Sadly, it’s not really the best color for my particular skin tone. It brings the red out in my skintone like Orly Boho Bonnet did.

The formula is fantastic. Seriously. Yellow polishes are always a headache in terms of formula issues but Arnold Palmer applies beautifully in just 2 coats.

Amour is a brand I’ve never tried or really heard anything about so I had no idea what to expect. That being said, I am VERY impressed. If Amour’s yellow polishes are this good I have really high expectations for other colors!

It seems that Amour polishes are only sold on TransDesign (the label actually has the transdesign website on it). You can check out all of the Amour polishes here (by the way….they have some cool looking glitters!).

I used Arnold Palmer as the base for my super simple Easter manicure. There additional swatches of Arnold Palmer below the jump plus a couple of picture of my Easter manicure.



Amour Arnold Palmer 3 Amour Arnold Palmer 2 Amour Arnold Palmer MACRO Amour Arnold Palmer MACRO 2 Easter Manicure Easter Manicure 2

Ulta Snow White, SinfulColors Beverly Hills, Sally Hansen Barracuda, Amour Arnold Palmer
Ulta Snow White, SinfulColors Beverly Hills, Sally Hansen Barracuda, Amour Arnold Palmer


  1. Lovely yellow – hard to find one that is not too pastel if that makes sense – some have too much white – others not enough mustard yellow in them or brown to let me pull em off. I fail on yellow wearing when it has that too much white or almost a pastel blue thing turning the yellow cool vs warm – and I adore yellow – always have – wore it in clothing a lot as a teen and then again in the 2000’s when it gained a lot of popularity again for a time.

    1. Yellow was always one of the colors I wanted to wear. I’d try something yellow on and I’d instantly look sunburned or dead. Not fair! lol

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