DIY: Chalkboard Manicure

Chalkboard Nail ArtI figure at this point Ciate HATES me so I might as well just continue to post DIYs for their overpriced nail art kits. First it was the Caviar manicure, then it was the Velvet manicure and now it’s the Chalkboard manicure. Next month Ciate is releasing a Chalkboard Manicure set that will include a “black chalkboard base”, 3 (mini) nail art pens and a clear top coat.

Well, as you’ve probably already figured out, this is a very simple DIY nail project. As a matter of fact, this didn’t even require a trip to the Michael’s scrapbooking aisle.

For step by step instructions on how to get a chalkboard manicure check below the jump! I’d love to know what you think about Ciate’s latest nail art offering and whether or not you’ll be giving it a try!


DIY Chalkboard Nails bottlesWhat you need:

  1. A black (or almost black) nail polish. I used JulieG Black Sheep
  2. Something to make your designs with. I used striping polishes.
  3. A matte top coat. I used butter LONDON Matte Finish Shine Free Top Coat.

DIY Chalkboard Nails 2How to:

  1. Apply a base coat (if you wish) then apply a black polish. Use an extra coat to prevent balding when applying the matte top coat.
  2. Add any design that you would like. Since this is a chalkboard manicure try to stick to things that would work on a real chalkboard!
  3. Apply a matte top coat.

And that’s it! Super simple and the results are cute. There’s alot of room for creativity and personalization with this manicure. You can even write your name on your nails just so you don’t forget it!

DIY Chalkboard Nails Chalkboard Nail Art 2 DIY Chalkboard Manicure


  1. This would be really cute for a back to school nail next fall. I am going to have to pin this so I can remember it. I haven’t used Ciate yet, and don’t see it in my future either, so no I won’t be trying any of their kits. I am a bargain hunter and Ciate does not fall in to that category. I really like the cute chalkboard look, it DOES look like a chalkboard. Soo cute!

  2. I feel like Ciate needs to sell their goofy kits on the little area by the check out lines at grocery stores and cheaper drug stores. Actually that is an insult to some of the better drugstores that sell good polish! I did see some Ciate kit when I was in a big city and popped into a beauty supply for a replacement glass nail file when mine fell out of my purse and broke on the floor – and yes it was right at the cash register bench waiting for some sucker to pick it up. From what I saw of their advent calendar collection their polishes are icky, streaky. But the whole caviar thing turned me off to them to the point I would never buy one!

  3. The Matte Finish by Butter London is $19 by itself. I wonder if the kit by Ciate is a one-time deal, or if it can be used multiple times. I need to look into that. Sephora offers one too…not sure if it’s Ciate but I’m checking now.

What do you think?