Impala Agua Fresca

Impala Agua FrescaWhen I learned that Impala was going to start selling their nail polish in the US I was super excited. I ordered Agua Fresca, along with Na Mira 3D. I really loved Na Mira 3D, but it’s a special effect polish, so I was interested to see how their more “normal” polishes would be. Luckily, Agua Fresca didn’t disappoint!

Aqua Fresca is from Impala’s Tropicaliente collection. It’s a light blue creme that does, in fact, remind me of fresh water. When I wore this polish I was definitely channeling spring! I paired it with a floral dress and the combo definitely added some sun to my very dull day.

Application was impressive. I used just two coats in my swatches.

I’ve been really impressed with Impala’s nail polish. I definitely will be ordering more polishes in the future!

For more info regarding Impala as a brand and my experience with their website check out my post on Na Mira 3D.

There are more swatches below the jump 🙂



Impala Agua Fresca 3 Impala Agua Fresca 2 Impala Agua Fresca MACRO Impala Agua Fresca label


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