Color Club High Society (+ the most awesome accidental caviar manicure ever!)

Color Club High SocietyOh goodness.

I keep convincing myself that eventually I will find a polish from Color Club’s Rebel Debutante collection that I’ll actually like. High Society was my latest attempt and while I do quite like the color, the formula was a nightmare!

High Society is a muddy light gray taupe creme that can pull just slightly purple in some lights. Lovely color that’s a perfect not boring neutral. Unfortunately, the formula is a nightmare! I used three coats in my swatches and application was streaky and uneven. Then on top of all of that the polish didn’t level itself out. Basically, I had the same problems as I had with Who Are You Wearing? from this same collection.

I was at a crossroads with this manicure. I could take it off and start over or do something to make it wearable. I decided on the latter. My first thought was to top it with some glitter but it had been awhile since I did a DIY Caviar Manicure. The only beads I thought would look good against High Society were clear beads. I proceeded to apply the beads and to my surprise the beads picked up the color in the polish and changed entirely! The end result was awesome. There are (many) pictures of that below the jump.

It’s so satisfying to take a rather fail manicure and turn it into an awesome one!


Color Club High Society 3 Color Club High Society 2 Color Club High Society 4

Color Club High Society Caviar MACRO 2 Color Club High Society Caviar MACRO Color Club High Society Caviar bottles Color Club High Society Caviar 4 Color Club High Society Caviar 3 Color Club High Society Caviar 2 Color Club High Society Caviar


  1. Might be my fav ever caviar mani – just cannot make them last on me beyond part of one day before they are coming up with bare spots

  2. I cant get over all the purple and blue tones when the caviar beads are applied…super cool. Love the idea of the neutral color since there is so much texture. Awesome!

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