bL - Jaffa2Happy Weekend, Lovelies! It has been frigid here all week. I live in Virginia so I am not acclimated to lows in the teens and highs in the twenties and thirties – it’s just too cold! I’m a total summer girl. So… when I went to pick a polish from my stash for my weekend mani, I knew I wanted something bright and fun to warm me up!

I picked up Jaffa MONTHS ago at ULTA. It was on clearance – though I don’t know why as it’s still listed on the butter LONDON website here. At any rate, I certainly won’t complain about paying 7.99 for a bL polish!

Aside from having outstanding polishes, I really enjoy butter LONDON’s color descriptions. Jaffa is described as A juicy, orange nail lacquer that’s seedless, but potent as Hell.” Love it. It’s brighter than my camera would pick up. I used three coats to even out the color and application was very smooth and delicious – on par with what I expect from butter LONDON.

What do you think? Too bright for mid-winter or a perfect toasty polish? Two more swatches below the jump!




So pretty!

bL - Jaffa

bL - Jaffa 3

  1. Daisy says:

    Dont be ridiculous. bL lacquer needs only 2 coats at most. Jaffa is with every penny of the 14.00 I paid. I think you are selfish and extravanent.

  2. Elena says:

    I would have liked to see 6 or 7 coats… or you could have poured some on the ground… or just something that screams excessive opulence. Lol , seriously though, fresh color and stunning swatch. This definitely goes on my summer pedi color list 🙂

    • Katie says:

      Hahahahaha. I love that idea!!!

      Yep it would make a lovely summer pedi color! I’m considering putting it on my toes now!! After the deep freeze last week highs in the 60s on Tuesday and Wednesday!!

What do you think?