Revlon – Girly

Revlon - GirlyAfter I posted my palette cleansing polish of the moment: Cruisin’ Nude, I seem to be jumping back on the glitter train!

I had originally bought Girly for a giveaway but last week it was cold, dark, and rainy and I really needed something to pep me up! I couldn’t stand staring at it’s glittery goodness day after day and finally caved (Sorry! There is another giveaway in the works though!)

I tried it on it’s own and much like it’s blue sister, Whimsical I found it to be a bit more sheer and decided it’s much better suited as a layering polish. I dug through my light pinks, purples, and lavenders and finally decided it’d look great over Essie’s Splash of Grenadine. We have a winner! For this look, I used one coat of Splash of Grenadine and two coats of Girly.

It is worth noting that this is not the original Girly that was released as part of the Edgy Elegance Collection in 2011 –  I must say I think the name fits this polish much better!

What do you think? Check below for some more pictures!




Revlon - Girly Bottles

So Pretty:

Revlon - Girly2


    1. Thank you! I totally agree! I really am very impatient with sheer polishes… Plus I think another coat or two of Girly would be too much glitter for me (wait.. did I just say that?)

What do you think?