OPI Metallic 4 Life

OPI Metallic 4 LifeY’all! I was so mean to this nail polish! Now I feel kind of bad. Well, not really. I still don’t love this polish but I don’t hate it as much as I thought.

Metallic 4 Life is from OPI’s Nicki Minaj collection that came out the beginning of 2012. I’m not the biggest Nicki Minaj fan but I will forever love Super Bass. How can you not like that song?

Anyway, I really did want to try a polish from the collection and Metallic 4 Life caught my eye. I’ve always loved Orly Goth but sometimes I do wish it had more glitter in it. In the bottle, Metallic 4 Life seemed like it may be Orly Goth just with more glitter.

As it turns out, Metallic 4 Life isn’t exactly Orly Goth with more glitter but it is close. Metallic 4 life contains 3 different sizes of silver glitter suspended in a charcoal gray (almost black…) jelly base. Awesome in concept, not so much in reality.

Applying this polish is a pain. Because there is so much glitter the formula is chunky and difficult to work with. Plus, to get an opaque color, I needed to use 4 coats. Not really a pleasant experience.

The finished look does look pretty awesome….from far away. Up close it’s kind of a jumbled mess. But from a normal distance someone would be looking at another’s nails it does have a cool metallic look that is different from actual metallic polishes (if that makes any sense….if not you can kind of see what I’m talking about here).

OPI did not make this part of their permanent line, but it is available on Amazon. Since its release, Revlon has also come out with similar polishes, a special release with Sparkle Aplenty, as well as Ritzy with their new Spring 2013 polishes (you can see the display here).

This is not a polish I see myself using alot (that is unless I decide to do another Fifty Shades of Grey manicure….) but it is unique in my collection. And there is something to be said for that!

Make sure to check out the additional swatches below the jump. And a note about these swatches….if you see any magenta in the pictures it is a reflection from my camera (yes, I have a pink camera, judge me).


OPI Metallic 4 Life 3 OPI Metallic 4 Life 2 OPI Metallic 4 Life MACRO OPI Metallic 4 Life 4


  1. Glitters that I have to place on are not a fave. Save Me was the better glitter in this collection. Have you tried Zoya Storm? You might love that a bit more…

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