OPI – I Have a Herring Problem

OPI - Herring1Better (a year) late than never! I can’t believe I never showed off this gem, it’s so gorgeous! I was inspired by Alli’s recent post using I Don’t Give a Rotterdam. The polish names in the Holland Collection are some of my favorites to date. So campy & clever.

I Have a Herring Problem is a dusty steel blue packed with a subtle gold shimmer. It’s very much a warm version of I Don’t Give a Rotterdam.

I used two coats for my swatches, they applied nicely. Completely on par with what I expect from an OPI polish.

For a few more pictures, keep reading! Have a lovely day!




Bottle Shot:

OPI - Herring Bottle








Check out the shimmer:

OPI - Herring bottle2








One last swatch. Gorgeous:

OPI - Herring2









  1. I need to pull a # of the shades from the OPI Holland collection that I never wore…this is one of them just like you! I fell hard when these came out for the bright oranges that were going nuts from Tangerine Tango at the it color – so I repeat wore the orange from this collection – Roll In the Hague and seemed I kept wearing a ton of brights with a few pastels in there on through summer and never got back to trying the others I picked up from the Holland collection. I should pull the pink from it too!

    1. I always looked at Roll In The Hague but never picked it up… I kind of wish I had. Which pink did you get? I have Kiss Me On My Tulips but wish I’d gotten Pedal Faster Suzi..

  2. Stunning steel blue! This color looks awesome on you… I almost paired Pedal Faster Suzi with my Yodel Me on My Cell trigger mani but Princesses Rule! Won out.

    1. Thank you! Ohh that sounds like a gorgeous duo! Princesses Rule is lovely. So sheer though. I still might have to dig it out 🙂 I love my pinks…

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