OPI Number One Nemesis

OPI Number One NemesisFinally I got around to trying another polish from the OPI Amazing Spider-Man mini set!

This is a collection I wasn’t very excited about but Into the Night surprised me. I ended up loving the color which made me a bit more optimistic about the rest of the polishes in the mini set.

Number One Nemesis is a metallic graphite that has some flashes of yellow in it. The finish reminds me an awful lot of OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous and SinfulColors Winter Wonder.

The color is gorgeous but as with many metallic polishes the formula was on the thin side (though not runny). I used 4 coats in my swatches and was really happy with the results. Plus, this polish wore very well.

My initial impression of OPI’s The Amazing Spider-Man collection was definitely not correct! There are at least two polishes from the collection that are worth checking out.

As always, there are more swatches below the jump 🙂


OPI Number One Nemesis MACRO OPI Number One Nemesis 2 OPI Number One Nemesis 3


  1. I love this color. Every time I wear this someone will comment on it and how pretty it looks on. It has a lot of sparkle and shimmer and is like polished metal, so so pretty! Can you imagine a sideswipe of a flakie or a glitter over this? I love the whole Spiderman collection but I didn’t at first, now I have all but Spotted the Lizard (HTF – sold out) and Call me Gwenever, and I always pick it up but feel like I already have a dupe of it at home so I keep putting it back, but it is a gorgeous coral/orange color. Anyway, I loooove this one! I think it’s my favorite so far of all of them.

    1. This would be really pretty topped with some glitter.

      I’ve really warmed up to the Spider Man collection….now I’m sad I waited so long! I have JSTL but haven’t tried it yet. I feel like it will look terrible on me. Hopefully not!

  2. I love shades like these! They are stunning micro glitter neutrals I think The World is Not Enough fits in with the others, too. I saw someone stamp with Number One Nemesis over a slate blue color…amazing! Beautiful swatches as usual!

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