Essie – Where’s My Chauffeur?

Essie - WMCI received this delicious polish from my work bestie as a part of my birthday present in November! She said it looked like a color I would wear and she was spot on – I have a weakness for all polishes in the Tiffany blue family.

Where’s My Chauffer is a part of Essie’s Winter 2012 Collection. The Essie website describes it as an opulent turquoise. I love the word opulent, and I love it even more when it’s describing nail polish! Thanks, Julia! You’re the best!

Honestly, I was a bit nervous to try it since polishes this shade tend to have hit or miss (and more often miss) formulas with difficult application – too thick, too thin… but this was just right. I used 3 coats with my go to top and base coat: OPI’s Natural Nail Base and Seche Vite Top Coat.

If you’d like another swatch or two and to see how it looks with OPI’s The Man with the Golden Gun, keep reading! If not, have a gorgeous Friday!



Essie - WMCGGOkay, ladies – here’s where things get gorgeous. This polish is lovely on it’s own, but so stunning with OPI’s The Man with the Golden Gun on top! What do you think!? It reminds me of buried treasure in a gorgeous clear blue tropical ocean…

…or maybe my mind is wandering to tropical beaches because it’s in the 20’s here. Too cold for me. I was born for summer…


    1. Now that you say that it really does. Or at least, the Marie Antoinette from the movie. She had shoes and several outfits that were this color (I’m not obsessed with that movie or anything…).

        1. It’s amazing! I actually bought it the first day it came out on DVD. They filmed it in Versailles. And clearly I could go on for hours so I’ll shut up about it now…

  1. What a stunner! I love, love this color! Every time I go to get it, the display is sold out… I know I said I liked Ski Teal We Drop with The Man With The Golden Gun, but damn this is the coolness… it’s like 85 degrees, sunny, poolside, with a drink with a tiny umbrella cool. πŸ™‚

  2. I needed another shade in this range like a hole in the head – but it was still there when I hit the Rite Aide the week it came out most places and I could not keep from bringing it home. I have not worn it yet – but do love it with MWTGG.

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