Sally Hansen GEM crush Bling-tastic

Sally Hansen GEM crush Bling-tasticSparkly!

This is the second Sally Hansen GEM crush polish I have tried. I picked up a super cute mini set a couple of months ago and am slowly working my way through the polishes.  Lady Luck didn’t overly impress me but I was optimistic about Bling-tastic. It just looked so pretty in the bottle!

Bling-tastic is a dense chunky light blue glitter with more sparse even larger silver glitter in a clear base. The polish itself is gorgeous. The application was a headache.

Perhaps it’s because the glitter is chunkier but I had difficulty applying this polish. The glitter got clumpy and the formula was goopy. Just not a very pleasant experience. The fact that I needed at least 3 coats didn’t help the situation, either.

Even after a top coat, the finish of this polish wasn’t near as smooth as Lady Luck. It was very rough, even after several coats of top coat.

As I did with Lady Luck, I will definitely be trying this layered over another polish. But right now I just feel like it’s a less awesome version of OPI Absolutely Alice.

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Sally Hansen GEM crush Bling-tastic 4 Sally Hansen GEM crush Bling-tastic MACRO Sally Hansen GEM crush Bling-tastic 2 Sally Hansen GEM crush Bling-tastic 3


    1. I used 2. The first being a regular top coat followed by a quick dry top coat. By the next day the polish felt really rough again so I topped it with yet another coat of top coat.

  1. You can definitely tell that it is way more gritty than the lovely Absolutely Alice ( I still can’t find my bottle 🙁 ) , but I always love a fun teal. I think a few coats of matte top coat would be fun with this…

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