Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Manicure

Happy New Year Manicure 2



  1. I had a variety of idea of how I would do my nails for NYE and then I got some crappie cold junk and feel like puppypoop! So here I am with naked fingers and toes – but they look so healthy – least they are if I am not on the inside! Thanks for a fab yr you two…looking forward to a great 13 with you both feeding my passion for polishes! Honestly if you lived close I would have you over to paw through my stash – it reaches back to the 80s! I did major purge as I recall in the 90’s and a couple times after that – but I had kept a ton of the super old OPI’s that folks never see now days. It’s always fun to share with others who have the passion for polish some of the never seen anymore shades!

    1. I need to do (another) major purge. The amount of polish sometimes just gets overwhelming!

      My nails are looking better these days. Ever since I quit CND Sticky (sad :().

      I’m still rocking some 2013 nails…so it’s not too late!

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