OPI Into the Night

OPI Into the NightI’ve been into mini sets as of late! This is the 3rd mini set I’ve gotten recently, the others being the Stuff My Stocking and James Bond mini sets.

As a whole, I wasn’t too excited about OPI’s Spider-Man collection despite being a fan of most super hero movies. The colors just didn’t interest me that much. But the mini set was a good way to try some of the polishes from the collection.

Into the Night is basically Spider-Man blue with shimmer. The blue has a black base and even still never looks black. Not even in super low lighting at a restaurant! Unfortunately, the formula isn’t the best. It’s very thin and even though I used 4 coats in my swatches there are still some very obvious bald spots in some of the swatches below the jump.

Despite the formula not being the best I have to say this polish wore very well. I put it on specifically to go with an outfit I was wearing one night and ended up wearing it for almost 4 days and it still looked pretty good.

I’m looking forward to trying other polish from this collection! Make sure to check out the swatches below the jump 🙂



OPI Into the Night 3


OPI Into the Night 2 OPI Into the Night MACRO


  1. This one interested me sort of but I never picked it up. Like you, I was very luke warm on the Spidy man collection. The 2 I do have I don’t wear and probably will give away.

  2. I own the whole set and I have yet to wear this color. I need to go bold some day and wear blue! (and I agree about the collection as a whole being underwhelming, but I got the whole set for a steal so I decided to try them all). Call me Gwen-ever was actually one of my fave shades if you like salmon/coral shades.

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