Nail Art: Straw Manicure

I was itching to use Essie Go Overboard the other day but I didn’t want a boring creme manicure. Some simple nail art was definitely in order. Previously, I’ve only tried using a straw to create nail art once (you can see it here). I liked the way it turned out but for one reason or another hadn’t gotten around to trying it again.

For this manicure I did all my nails Go Overboard except my ring finger which I used Essie No Place Like Chrome as a base. After letting the nail polish completely dry I dipped a cocktail straw into the appropriate polish and applied it to the nail fairly haphazardly. I didn’t want this to be a uniform design.

Overall, I quite like the way this manicure turned out and apparently other people did as well! Even my bank teller couldn’t believe I did the design myself.

There are more swatches below the jump!







  1. Nice job! I picked up some nice coffee stir straws a while back to use for this king of art. I have mine done up for Veterans Day today in blue, white, silver.

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