Wear Test: Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel

Color me impressed!

Revlon’s ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel line has quickly become my favorite drugstore brand polish line. I’ve had nothing but good luck with all the polishes I have tried from the line but since Revlon claims this line is a longwear line I wanted to do a wear test.

On their website Revlon claims this polish wears up to 11 days and is “shatter proof”. I didn’t make it 11 days, but I did make it 6.

I applied Revlon ColorStay Provence on a Wednesday and wore it until the following Tuesday. For a base coat I used Julep, and for a top coat I used Revlon ColorStay.

Overall, I am exceedingly impressed with how well this polish wore. I had no major chips or cracks, just tip wear. The biggest difference between my day 1 manicure and my day 6 manicure was the amount of shine. The manicure did dull quite a bit over the 6 days.

Below the jump there is a picture of my nails on day 6 along with a macro shot. The tip wear really is quite minimal for the amount of time I wore this manicure.

One thing is for sure….this turned out a heck of alot better than my last wear test!



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13 thoughts on “Wear Test: Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel

  1. I have had good luck with most shades in this collection with stay power – but like you, I don’t get 11 days! And their topper and base don’t help IMO. I get much better wear time when I use my go to base (Orly Nail Armor) and SV for a topper. I went nuts for this when it first came out and got almost all the shades the collection came in – a definite over-kill in my collection now! There are maybe 5 shades in it that I go back to wear more than 1 time and there are some in my never been tried category still. This is one I do like it’s not too milky/chalky white for me like many pastels can be.

    • I haven’t used the top coat enough to have a definite opinion on it but so far I think it’s just mediocre. SV, on the other hand, I hate! Top Coats are so personal!

  2. pretty! maybe i will get this until I can find OPI Done Out in Deco. Nice choice

  3. Wow, that still looks so great! I only have one from the line but it didn’t last six days on me…but then again I tend to pick at my nails when I’m bored!

  4. I’ve been pleased with this line so far. I don’t have this shade though…now it’s on my list!

  5. I have the Provence – in spite of a good base coat and top coat, it chips on my nails after barely 24 hours. I even tried using it over a coat or two of some China Glaze that stays on a week (unaided), it didn’t work much better. I’m gutted, I love this colour…

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