Arissa Rockin’ Amethyst

A couple of weeks ago when I was in the mountains I stopped by an Ingles to pick up some essentials for the house. Of course being in a different grocery store I had to check out the cosmetics aisle. The only polish this particular Ingles carries is Arissa. I didn’t end up picking any polish up but ever since I haven’t been able to get the only Arissa polish I own out of my mind.

Rockin’ Amethyst landed in my stash after a long day at the DMV. As I was leaving I noticed beside the DMV there was a Family Dollar. I had never been a Family Dollar so curiosity got the best of me. I left with this nail polish and it’s freaking gorgeous!

This polish features 3 of my favorite things; purple, glitter and a jelly finish. The shimmer in this polish is purple but flashes blue depending on the light. Quite a complex polish for such a small price ($2).

Due to the fact that this polish is a jelly I needed 3 coats to reach an opacity I was happy with. The end result was definitely worth the 3 coats!

My only complaint about this polish isn’t actually about the polish. I’m just not a fan of the Arissa bottle shape in general and the label is virtually impossible to read (there are pictures below the jump). I do like that it has a rubberized handle. Makes getting the bottle open super easy.

I was surprised to find that Arissa has a lovely website and quite an extensive nail polish range though it appears that Rockin’ Amethyst is no longer part of their line. The polishes also cost $4 on the website as opposed to $2 like at Family Dollar and Ingles.

Another interesting note from the website is that it says Walgreens carries Arissa. I’ve definitely never seen Arissa in any Walgreens near me. If you’ve seen Arissa in Walgreens (or any store for that matter) I’d love to know where.

Anyways, there are (many) more swatches below the jump. If you run into this polish anywhere I’d highly recommend it!

Just as a side note, I thought I’d point out this polish is cruelty free 🙂


  1. I like the rubber brush/handle too. Bought it at the dollar tree, “where everything is a dollar.” First time I see this brand, specially out here in Albuquerque. I saw on the packaging, the cruelty free and a few other things pointed out.

  2. I actually got this one at a garage sale the other day and was amazed at this polish! I usually go for indies or Juleps but for $3 I got about 25 polishes and a nice purple roller tote that they where in. I LOVE this polish though! too bad it was discontinued though, my bottle is almost empty and I wanted to get a new one, which is how I stumbled onto here! lol

    1. Ohhh! What else did you get in your box-o-polish!? I should start hitting up garage sales… I have a weird thing for older nail polish.

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