SinfulColors Faceted

I posted a picture of Faceted in the bottle on Facebook and described it as fun in a bottle. Question is, does that translate to the nail? Heck yes it does!

Generally I’m not a glitter girl. Sure, I love a good glitter manicure every once in a while, but it’s definitely not my thing. So I was surprised when I spotted the SinfulColors Holiday Shimmers display and immediately reached for Faceted. It just looked so interesting and unique! I ended up picking up Faceted as well as Winter Wonder from the display.

Faceted looks like a complicated mix of glitters but it’s actually not. There are 2 different types of glitter suspended in a clear base. One glitter is a small round(ish) purple glitter and the other is an iridescent bar glitter. The bar glitter is the more sparse of the two which I appreciate because too much bar glitter can make your manicure look…hairy (for lack of a better word…).

This is obviously not a glitter that can be worn on its own. I used two coats of Faceted in my swatches so that a base color wouldn’t take away from the glitter. Below the jump is the polish on just a white piece of paper as well as a macro shot.

I haven’t decided on the best base color for this polish yet. I’m thinking maybe black or navy? Suggestions? Either way, I can’t wait to try it!




  1. I just bought that! When I saw you posted a pic of it I instantly went out to find it. So pretty! I think it would look great over a gray or even a lavender.

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