Trick or Treat: Scaredy Cat Nail Art

One of my favorite things about Halloween is all the super cute black cat decorations. We are cat people here at TDV. I have one cat, and Katie has two. This particular nail art was somewhat inspired by Katie’s cat Cinder. She is a gorgeous black cat with these piercing greenish yellow eyes.

This was a very simple design to do. I started by doing all my nails SpaRitual Flashback. Turns out that’s quite an appropriate orange for Halloween! Then I used Maybelline Express Finish in Black Onyx and a black stiper to do the cats. For the eyes I used Julep Daisy.  The cats are far from perfect but they are cute none the less!

Below the jump there is a picture of Cinder (she’s so cute!) along with more swatches.






  1. Been seeing a lot of black cat manis – but love yours! I had a black cat at one point – named her Sunshine – her name was picked out before I got got her. Poor thing was scared of her own shadow.

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