Color Club Who Are You Wearing?

Sigh. Every time I try a different polish from Color Club’s Spring 2010 Rebel Dubutante collection I become just a little bit more disappointed in the collection as a whole.

Unfortunately I found myself, yet again, having to fight a traffic ticket. I have a speeding problem. Anyway, if I learned anything in law school it was looking nice (in lawyer land this means conservative…) and being nice can get you a long way. I needed a conservative manicure and wanted to go nude. This is a part of my collection that is seriously lacking. So I decided to go with Who Are You Wearing? against my better judgment.

Who Are You Wearing? is a pale creme with definite grey/dusty undertones. Color wise I’m a fan of this polish. It’s very flattering on someone as pale as me. Sadly the formula is just awful. I used three coats in my swatches and as you can probably tell it’s still very streaky. Not only was the formula lacking pigmentation it was also very runny and difficult to work with.

Oh well. In the future this will definitely be reserved only for nail art or I may just toss it in my polishes to pawn off on friends bin. I’d love a color in my collection similar to this one with a decent formula. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

There are more swatches below the jump 🙂

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I managed to get my ticket reduced to 5 over. Perhaps I should keep this nail polish for my (inevitable) next traffic court date….





  1. Sorry about the speeding ticket. I had to get tickets for anything…it’s so expensive and I feel so mad at myself for not paying better attention. I run late all the time it seems and that leads to speeding for me. This is a nice shade of polish – it’s the shade I wished the lightest of the OPI Germany collection for fall 2012 had been – this one looks like it would work well on my skin tone that is close to yours – some of these tones are too chalky walk and/or give me lobster hands. Sorry the formula did not preform. I hate that. I am of late, troubled with a # of ’em pooling – but then also, I am not the slowest at doing my mani/pedis – if I just went slower there and used thin coats letting them at least semi dry before going for the next coat I would have much less pooling – I know this – kind of like I know to leave early so I don’t speed! But I don’t seem to do well fixing either pattern!

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