Gameday Manicure: OPI Ogre the Top Blue

It’s the time of the week again. It’s Sunday! Which of course means NFL football. My team, the Panthers, are sadly not having the best year (so far) but that hasn’t stopped me from supporting my team!

For a previous Sunday I did a Panthers manicure that actually involved multiple colors and a football but for this week’s game I wanted to go a bit more simple. My gameday outfit is a simple black dress so I wanted my nails to be blue.

Ogre the Top is the perfect Panther’s blue! But in real people color descriptions it is a medium blue creme. The color is really lovely and application was equally lovely. For all the info on this polish check out this post.

This week the Panther’s are taking on the Seattle Seahawks and we could really use a W! Can’t wait for the game to start!

Hope everyone has a lovely football Sunday. And as always, there are more swatches below the jump!






  1. I did not get any of the Shrek collection when it was released. Then What’s With the Catitude was getting a ton of write ups on blogs – thought maybe that might be a power blue I could wear without having my hands go to lobster red…nope..but I did buy it and found it in one of those really odd collections of random OPI’s that shows up at CVS stores now and again. This one’s a nice blue…it reminds me of one that I have from ChG – cannot come up with the name right now..but it does look like Panther blue. Oh and it’s not always about your team winning. All teams need fans through the not so great yrs. ‘My’ college team(USC) would have been goners were it not for the fans (and the fact Los Angeles still has no pro football franchise), though all the yrs it was kept out of the running for BCS titles thanks to Reggis Bush and some really bad moves from blatant school athletics dept. And heck – just ask any SF Giants fans if they are still fans even after loosing to Cin Reds last night in the first of the play off games. Also reminds me of how the No. CA Raiders fans never gave up on ‘their’ team until the Raiders left LA and came back ‘home’ to Oakland. So we hang with the good and the back days of our teams. Kind of like some of us polish heads that won’t give up on a fav shade hue even when it’s not in fashion – it lives on in our hearts and occasionally shows up on fingers and toes (thinking of my love for terra cotta and mauve/dusty rose shades all these past yrs they have been considered grandma colors)!

    1. The Shrek collection wasn’t one I was super excited about. I picked this up on clearance. Classic impulse by!

      I try not to get too down when the Panthers are losing. It’s just a tough year for me since both Auburn and the Panthers are having down years!

  2. Oh and with regard to the pair up against the Seahawks this week – least you know the Panthers won’t get a frigging major wrong interception call against them as the Seahawks got against Greenbay which broke the back finally of the Pro Refs strike. I was so pissed at ‘my’ old USC head coach not coming forward and at least saying that call that let him have a W at the least might have been questionable! But then…it’s about the $ from his standpoint! Go Panthers!

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