wet n wild megalast On a Trip

Last time I posted about one of wet n wild’s megalast polishes (I Red a Good BookSally suggested I try out On a Trip. Being a purple lover I had to take her advice! Truthfully I had looked at On a Trip several times and never purchased it because it reminded me so much of Funky Fingers Cheshire. Cheshire is a gorgeous polish but Funky Fingers is a hard brand to find so I’m happy that On a Trip is similar.

On a Trip is a purple leaning towards periwinkle creme with pretty distinct blue undertones. I’m a huge fan of the color though it is probably a bit more appropriate for the spring! Application was wonderful. I used just 2 coats in my swatches. I’m still a huge fan of the megalast brushes. For more info on the brush check out my post on I Need a Refresh-Mint.

Polishes from the megalast line wear incredibly well so I did get a bit bored with the color. To remedy that without doing an entirely new manicure I topped On a Trip with essence Gagalectric. I absolutely loved the way it turned out! There are more swatches of On a Trip as well as swatches it with Gagalectric below the jump!

Thanks again, Sally, for the recommendation 🙂








  1. OOooowee…I thought this was a med purple cream that looked a ton like a ChG one I have (have to look to find the name but think it was from Electropop collection or the one from 2010 that I get mixed up with Electropop a lot. Then I saw the last 2 photos and see this has a shimmer top which is something I use CND effects to get out of a good cream I like. We lost Wet N Wild out of my area a while back. They cut way back on distribution. I sometimes find maybe 5 shades of it and a few other cosmetics items in a tiny little area in one drug store about 200 miles from here. So I never get excited anymore when I hear/see WnW items…folks take foregranted that it’s found everywhere – I heard it was not available at all in the state of FL – not sure if maybe it’s back in a few spots or what? Agree – I would wear this shade more in spring and into summer…I like this kind of shade – it’s right after those that are too pastel and usually too chalky white for me to pull off without having lobster hands.

  2. I’m wearing this right now! I’ll have to send you pic of how I made it more fall and brought out more of a purple look! I have the shimmer you added too, I will have to try that! And btw, I got so excited seeing you blog the same color I’m wearing. =)

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