Maybelline Color Show Downtown Brown

Believe it or not I’m not just obsessed with nail polish. I’m an all around beauty junky. One of my favorite eye shadows is Too Faced Label Whore and my favorite MAC pigment is Blue Brown. Both are similar in color, the Too Faced just has a bit more glitter.

Anyway, if you remember my DIY Loose Eye Shadow Pigment as Nail Polish post then you may also remember me saying I wish there was a nail polish that looked like MAC’s Blue Brown pigment. Well, apparently someone at Maybelline read my post. Ok, probably not, but they did exactly that! Downtown Brown is MAC’s Blue Brown pigment as a nail polish.

I spotted the Maybelline Fall 2012 Limited Edition Runway display recently at Rite Aid and Downtown Brown immediately caught my eye. It is a red based brown packed with teal microglitter. It’s a very warm polish though doesn’t look too bad against my cool skintone.

The formula definitely left something to be desired. I needed 4 coats to get full opacity.

This is the first polish I’ve tried from Maybelline’s fairly new Color Show line and while I like the look of the bottle, the function wasn’t so great. The cap is rather wide and the brush is rather short (there are pictures of the brush and bottle below the jump). I found it to be a bit difficult to work with. Also, each bottle only contains .23 fl. oz. of product and retails for $3.99.

I’m a big fan of this color but I’m not yet a big fan of the Maybelline Color Show line. I’ll need to try a few more colors to see if perhaps the formula issue was a one time thing! If you have any recommendations please let me know!

There are a ton more swatches below the jump.

Have you picked up anything from Maybelline’s Fall 2012 limited edition release? Along with Downtown Brown I picked up a Color Tattoo that I am loving!








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