Nail Art: Football Tips

Are you ready for some football!?

I’m sorry…I couldn’t help it! Both the college and pro football seasons are right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. To celebrate the occasion it only seemed right to do a little nail art.

To create this manicure I did the same DIY Velvet Manicure as I did for my Tennis Ball manicure. I used Essie Mojito Madness as a base and lime colored flocking powder to create the “grass”. Once I did the velvet manicure I used a Q-Tip with acetone to remove the green on my pointer finger so I could add a football. Color Club Charity Ball is a perfect football color!

I realize this isn’t the most wearable manicure. So, below the jump I did a more wearable version. There are also more swatches below the jump!

Are you excited for football season? If so, what teams do you cheer for?








18 thoughts on “Nail Art: Football Tips

  1. I am seriously tempted to try these for the Green Bay Packers game we are going to in 2 weeks! So super fun!

  2. These are sooo cool! Great idea.

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