OPI – Tickle My France-y

With all the standouts in OPI’s 2008 French Collection, I never gave Tickle My France-y a second glance, and hadn’t until Alli tweeted that it was OPI’s most popular polish in the US. At that moment, I decided it must be mine. That was late July, and I’d actually long forgotten my spur of the moment lemming until it arrived in a package from The Scholarly Nail! She sent it to me as a part of a secret polish blogger elf exchange some of us did – I’ll post about it in the near future, but I was SO excited for all of my goodies!

The formula is the slightest bit runny, but it didn’t interfere with application. It’s actually very pretty after one coat – if you like streak free sheers. I built it up to a nice opaque beautiful color in 3 coats.

I am so glad to have this as part of my collection, and even though I have lots of new fall polishes to show you in the coming weeks, I was really craving a simple elegant look today, and Tickle My France-y fits the bill perfectly. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular. The color changes a bit depending on the light, from a dusty light pink neutral to slightly lavender neutral. Very pretty.

So tell me, do you still have a thing for neutrals or are you sporting summer neons or bold fall shades?

Hope your weekend ends on a great note! A few more pictures await under the jump!



Tickle My France-y:









  1. I know I never picked up this one either. When these came out I was looking for the unique shades or ones I knew were my ‘then’ go to hues which I was at the time leaning heavy on vampy looks with a cast glance always to any reds ’cause I always love my reds. Seeing this now despite all the fall shades being shoved under our noses hoping we gobble ’em all up and the comps make a ton of $…I find this shade to be really refreshing and some how kind of new meets old makes new again (if that makes any sense). I have hit a streach of what will now be the hottest part of the yr where I live now ’till first part of Oct…so really hard with that for me to be fall excited – certainly cannot wear any fall fashions. I am down to tank tops and all cotton shorts/sandals. It’s what most in the US already have had for ‘their’ summer…now it’s my turn. So while I have worn brights a ton, I am looking to move my shades into something different and not feeling the fall polish shades work right now given the above. Thanks for the inspiration. Going shopping in my stash right now to look for something soft like this. Now you have me pushing this one onto my lemming list! Cannot wait to see what you got in your mid yr secrete Santa package.

    1. I was pretty much in the same mode as you – I was all about Vampy and unique and I was like ugh another “boring” shade. It’s anything but. I love it.

      I totally agree new/old/new and refreshing. I love it. I’ve worn it since Sunday. That never happens!

  2. Tickle My France-y is my favourite go-to neutral! Interesting that it’s OPI’s most popular, I can see why! It looks much more pink on you than it does on me, it pulls more brown on me.

    1. I love it too! It’s my new favorite, I’ve had it on since Sunday which is insane for me!!

      It totally depends on the light with me, sometimes it pulls a bit brown – a coworker described it to me as a “pinkish brown” but in some lights it’s slightly purple/grey leaning. So interesting. Love polishes like this.

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