Essie’s Stylenomics Collection for Fall 2012 was one I have been very much looking forward to – second only to OPI’s Germany Collection. I ended up picking up the cube of 4 mini polishes which included Stylenomics, Don’t Sweater It, Head Mistress, and Skirting the Issue – How fun are those names? I love them!

Don’t Sweater it was the one I decided to try first and I absolutely love it. I’ve worn it probably 5 times since first getting it and am seriously considering getting a full size!

It’s a very intersting polish and completely changes depending on the light. Essie describes Don’t Sweater It as “a warm, cozy and creamy mauve.” – WHAT? Ladies, for the first time in my history of polish obsession, I completely disagree with an Essie description. Maybe I’m going blind but nothing about this polish is remotely mauve. Warm and cozy? Sure why not but definitely not mauve. In fact, I even looked up swatches of Miss Fancy Pants – which is described as “a refined, chic, greige” – much more fitting for Don’t Sweater It, by the way… to see if maybe some how there was a label goof in the mini cube!

Description troubles aside, I am psyched about wearing this polish this Fall. I am already thinking of sweater dresses to pair it! The application was perfection, I used two smooth coats and bam – gorgeous.

What’s polish from Essie’s Stylenomics collection has caused a twinkle in your eye?  I can’t wait to show you the other 3!

Please check below the jump for more pictures of this polish.

Happy Monday!!



Natural Light, Shade:








Indoors, Light Box:

  1. Lorraine Valdespino says:

    Love your swatches! and I agree, not much pink in Don’t Sweater It. Is Essie trying to convince us that this is another secret shimmer brown, like Over the Knee? I am loving Stylenomics collection and I got the minis but I think my fave is Recessionista, darker but in the same color family as Bahama Mama, another fave. Essie really rocks these classic cream shades!

    • Katie says:

      Thank you! I love a good essie neutral/nude/taupe – they always seem to get it just right! OH I absolutely love Bahama Mama! It was the 2nd essie polish I ever purchased (Wicked was – of course – the first).

      As for the “mauve” I think if anything it leans slightly purple at times.

      Recessionista is a pretty one AND I love the name 🙂

  2. beachgal12 says:

    This collection has not hit my area yet. But like you, seeing the company info, I too thought this collection was along with the OPI fall, the top 2 fall collections for this yr. I am eager to see these in person. I have seen only a couple photos from folks who have picked them up. When Essie does a cream well, it’s done really well. This is a great shade. The only mavie thing I can think of they might have been referring to with their description on this shade, is it does have a pink/purple (which is mauve) tint to the taupy gray it is. It sure has a spot in my heart most certainly. I can see loving this one for toes as well as fingers. It’s a nice update to some of the older, flatter looking greiges of yrs past. So glad to know you picked up the mini cube and like all of them. I rarely buy minis as I would loose them in my stash. But now days with my stash too large and I never seem to get through a full bottle of anything but for maybe 2 top favs (OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia being one), that I ever go through a full bottle and need and keep backs bottles to. Maybe it’s time I buy minis and enjoy the new shades in smaller bottles, knowing I probably will move on to other shades down the road. I really wanted the Essie Marathin (sort of a average shade many said) out of the Yogogo collection. I could not find it to save my soul. Might be a good point to be made that it’s not such a grandma shade if it went off the shelves faster than any others in that collection!

    • Katie says:

      Perhaps it was the purple that made them choose the word Mauve to descrbe the polish – I guess when I think mauve I think more pink than purple.

      I had thought about just picking up this and Stylenomics but I figured I’ll never make it through the regular sized bottles – so I went with the cube. Essie has my favorite minis – I hate the OPI minis because they aren’t labeled and I find the brush more difficult to navigate.

      I’ve picked up Marathin and put it down several times on recent hauls. I think lately I’m looking for unique above all else – though I rarely hold to that… 🙂

  3. Angela says:

    I just bought two bottles of dont sweater it and have it on my nails and it’s a darker color than what is pictured above? i saw this color on pinterest and that’s why i bought it but it’s soo much darker than i thought… i love the color in the photo above…. i’ve looked online at other sites and the color looks so much lighter in some pics?? soo weird…

What do you think?