NYC Mint Breeze

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a new display from NYC. It included quite a few new nail polishes and a couple of eye shadow palettes. Despite the fact that this new collection is called Color Rush the nail polishes are long wear polishes and not fast dry (like Flat Iron Green). Anyway, I picked up Mint Breeze along with Traffic Jam Orange.

Mint Breeze is a medium teal creme. At first look I thought it may be a dupe for Butter LONDON Slapper. But alas, Slapper has significantly more blue.

Back to the polish at hand….the formula of Mint Breeze is really quite lovely. I used just 2 coats in my swatches.

NYC calls this an Expert Last nail polish and promises wear up to 7 days. This polish didn’t chip quickly but it certainly didn’t impress me with wear time, either.

There are a couple more swatches below the jump!




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