Essie No Place Like Chrome

I’m in love with this polish, y’all! I spotted the Essie Mirror Metallics display at CVS on Saturday and have been wearing it ever since. I even tweeted a picture of it from the pool last night.

No Place Like Chrome is a gorgeous metallic or foil silver/chrome. It’s too pretty to put into words! The end result is gorgeous but getting there is a bit of work. I don’t have particularly problematic nails and even still the application was not perfect. A ridge filler wouldn’t be a bad idea for anyone before applying this polish.

The formula itself is great, which is good since the thinner the coats the better the final result will be. I used 2 coats on most nails, though there were a couple I used 3 coats. The polish dries pretty quickly and I’ve also found it wears incredibly well.

Funky Fingers Edward’s Volvo  is the only other true silver metallic I have in my collection. As you can tell from the swatch, it relies heavily on glitter and microglitter which is not the case with the Essie Mirror Metallics.

As always there are more swatches below the jump. And make sure to check out Katie’s post on Penny Talk that is also from this collection!

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35 thoughts on “Essie No Place Like Chrome

  1. beachgal12 says:

    Your photos of this shade look sharper, less streaky than the other blog that showed all the shades of this collection today. Have to say I really was hoping this collection would have super CLEAR metallics similar to the amazing silver we saw for 2000 released and gone in seconds from China Glaze. I will have to see these in person to decide if I really need them – I am typically not a fan if metallics look frost like at all. Oddly the name of this collection is the SAME name Nails Inc just came out with for a collection they have!

    • I did a second manicure of this polish just today and did a bit more prep work and it looks even better (I’ll probably post pictures over on FB….). But no matter what this isn’t going to be a super clear metallic. That being said….no one can tell it’s not when they’re just looking at your nails!

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