Essie – Penny Talk

I’ve been excited for Essie’s Mirror Metallics collection since I heard about it. I love love love chrome and metallic finish polishes. I decided that Penny Talk was a must have. I really like the look of No Place Like Chrome but I just don’t wear silver that often, plus golds and coppers look much better against my warm toned skin.

I’d describe Penny Talk as a very light copper and in some lights it looks very much like a champagne gold chrome, it might have some rose gold qualities to it as well.

Now, a few notes on chrome polishes. They are one of the most unforgiving finishes in nail polish land. You need to work fast and be very careful to avoid brush strokes. I’ve talked about my middle nail split for months now and you can very clearly see it with this polish. I’d recommend using a ridge filler if you need to.

I was going to wait and post this once my nails were “perfect” but I wanted you to see how it’d look with very minimal nail prep since that’s more realistic to my day to day and many of yours as well.

Overall, I love this look – it has a brilliant mirror shine which I love – and for all it’s inabilities to hide imperfections only serious nail polish addicts are probably going to notice.I love it so much, that I’m thinking about going back to the store to pick up a few more from this line.

I’ll put a few more pictures under the jump but I’d love to know: Which Mirror Metallic are you must likely to grab?

Happy Saturday!



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  1. I’d love a rose gold, I just adore that tone and it works well with my fair skin and red hair. I have a rose gold heart lock necklace that I wear and get so many compliments on, so it’s become a favorite.
    But copper is also on the top of my list, when coppery hair, it’s hard to go wrong with it.

  2. I have a models own pro that’s very similar in colour. It’s very pretty and I can’t stop looking at it everytime I see it in the store

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