Nail Art: Patriotic Nail Ideas!

The 4th of July is quickly approaching which means it is time to start thinking about those Independence Day manicures! Instead of doing separate posts for all of my American themed manicures I decided to just do one big post. I included some previous patriotic manicures along with some new ones.

Hopefully you get some inspiration from my manicures. Let me know in a comment what you are planning to do with your nails for the 4th!

Manicure idea #1: Red, Glitter and Blue. This one is very simple. I used L’Oreal Jet Set to Paris on all my nails except the ring finger which I painted with OPI Perfectly Red. Otherwise, I just added some silver glitter (Love & Beauty Tinsel Town) to the tip of the nails for a bit of sparkle and that was it! Super simple  yet very festive!

Manicure idea #2: Patriotic Polka Dots. This is a manicure I did several weeks ago inspired by some red, white and blue M&Ms. For info on how I achieved this look check out my Patriotic Polka Dots post.

Manicure idea #3: Patriotic Circles. This is a new technique for me. Instead of using a dotting tool I used a cocktail straw to haphazardly place circles on the nail. There was no rhyme or reason to this manicure, but I love the way it turned out! For the white base I used Ulta Snow White (shocker) and I used the same blue and red polish from the Red, Glitter and Blue manicure. One tip if you are going to try this; let the nail polish get a bit tacky before dipping the straw into the polish. I had more luck getting an actual circle that way.

Manicure idea #4: Baseball Manicure. There’s nothing quite as American as baseball. I did this manicure for last year’s World Series but it would be a perfect 4th of July manicure. For all the details on this manicure click here.

Manicure idea #5: Glitter and Stripes. This was my 2011 4th of July manicure. I really liked this manicure. It looks like I spent a ton of time on it when in fact it was quick and easy. Click here for all the info on this manicure.

Manicure idea #6: Patriotic Caviar Manicure. This is probably my favorite! Which is crazy because when I first started doing caviar manicures I wasn’t sold the look. I did this manicure the exact same as I did the Something Blue Caviar manicure. I mixed equal parts red, silver and blue microbeads and used Ulta Snow White as the base. For a step by step guide on how to do a caviar manicure click here!

Right now I’m seriously considering doing another Patriotic Caviar Manicure for the cook out I’m going to on July 4th. I haven’t even decided on an outfit yet, but heck, I plan my clothes around my nails more often than not!

I’d love to know which of these manicures is your favorite and don’t forget to leave a comment telling me what you’re planning to do on your nails for July 4th!


  1. I like the first one pictured here best…but I am into clean lines and no clutter phase.

  2. I should have added, I do really like the mixed/scrambled M&M inspired dots. It fits with my clean, non clutter phase right now I guess because it came out looking so clean with the white base.

    1. Yes! When I was doing that manicure I was thinking if I could perfect the circles I could do an Olympic manicure!

  3. I think the caviar mani is my favorite too! I’m waiting on a red/white/blue glitter polish from Elemental Styles which is supposed to arrive before the 4th. That will for sure be mine for this year.

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