What’s Your (Nail Polish) Sign!?

I was browsing Tumblr the other day and ran across an Essie Astrology collection that was fan created. I just thought it was so cute! In case you haven’t seen it I posted the collection over on TDV Facebook page. As alot of you know, my birthday was last week, so I am a Gemini. That was perfect since the Gemini polish is Essie Mesmerize, which happens to be one of my favorite polishes.

Mesmerize is the perfect polish for Gemini’s since we are (supposed to be) charming and mesmerizing. Of course, Gemini is also the sign of the twins, so while one minute we may be very mesmerizing, the next we’ll probably change our mind and move on to something else.

Anyway, I thought this might be a post that was fun and a bit different. I’d love to hear what the nail polish for your sign is and if you think it’s spot on or completely wrong!

Oh, and since this is supposed to be a post about nail polish, there are a few more pictures of Mesmerize below the jump 🙂


  1. Greetings, there. I’m a guy who also happens to be a Gemini, & Blue is also one of my favorite colors.

    Your nails look very gorgeous with that color that you have on!

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