Rimmel Pop Apricot

This is a post I debated on whether or not I should do. The Rimmel Lycra Wear line of polishes is long discontinued; I picked this up over two years ago at Big Lots.  And unlike say a discontinued OPI polish, it’s not likely that this polish will be easy to find, even on places like Amazon. I decided to go ahead and do this post because I’ve been wearing this polish a ton lately. But please let me know in the comments if you like to see posts on polishes that are no longer available or if you’d prefer I not do these types of posts.

Anyway, on to the polish! Pop Apricot is a gorgeous coral jelly with gold sort of flakey glitter. The color is not what I would call apricot, it’s just not that orange! The shimmer is really what makes this polish. It’s not just your normal micro glitter but it’s not chunky either.

The color is gorgeous which makes the sub par application worth it. It is a jelly, so it’s a bit thinner than a normal polish, but I can’t get away with anything less than 4 coats.

The bottle claims this wears for 10 days without a top or base coat. Not so much! This only wears a couple of days on me before it chips. Though, I will admit, I have no tried it without a base or top coat but I have tried it with several different kinds of base and top coats.

As always, there are a ton more pictures below the jump. And just a reminder, you can still enter our July Julep Maven giveaway! It’s super easy to enter so check out Katie’s giveaway post if you haven’t already 🙂


  1. Ah, Pop Apricot! This was one of the first bright polishes I owned, and I liked it but it came to a sticky end! Bored one afternoon and going through my stash whilst sitting on my bed, I somehow managed to sheer off the lid and neck of the bottle… I didn’t notice at first and the contents spilled over my quilt; the polish bottle had to be thrown away. I quickly stain- treated the quilt and put it in the washing machine, set the program running and went out to walk the dog. When I came back my flat smelled like a chemical factory: I had set the wrong program and instead of washing, my machine had tumble dried the quilt and baked the spilled polish into it! The quilt had to be replaced. That bottle of Pop Apricot was possibly the most expensive I ever bought.

  2. hmm, I would prefer not. Could it would just create a lemming that I would never be able to satisfy!
    But, if you are able to find a dupe that is available, then by all means!

    1. I definitely get that…I hate it went I can’t find a polish I really want!

      Next time I want to do a post like this I’ll do more research and offer suggestions for an easily available dupe.

  3. Very pretty! I really like the color coral, jellies, and gold shimmer. And Pop Apricot is all in one!

    Yes! Please post some more polishes that aren’t available anymore. I really like seeing old polishes and the trends.

  4. I know I don’t count, but I like seeing old polishes.. I think it’s interesting to see the different lines that have come and gone, bottle shapes, names, trends. It’s completely fascinating 🙂

    1. You totally count! What’s interesting about this polish (I think…) is that it could easily be a current release. It’s very “in” at the moment.

  5. I follow polish blogs more to see the colors available then the polishes (brands). For example I see a greyish yellow and think “I kinda like that. Must keep an eye out for similar” not “must buy GreyLemon from Brand X”.
    So posting about retired/unavailable polishes are okay fine to me. All the bettter if they are colors not seen, maybe I could mix it or a brand might release a dup.

    1. I never thought about it that way, but I do the same thing. If I see a color I like I don’t always look for the particular brand, but a similar color 🙂

  6. Yes! I love looking at everything, hehe. Especially shades uncommon to the blogging world, no matter that they’re htf.

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