Nailspiration: Mad Men Season 5 Finale

I’m going to try my best to make this a spoiler free post!

We’re huge fans of Mad Men here at TDV. Katie posted Julep January in honor of the return of Mad Men, so I thought it would only be right to have a post in honor of the Season 5 finale.

Without giving much away….there has been alot of talk about Jaguar during this season of Mad Men. And of course, that means there has also been talk of the famous racing green color. It seemed fitting to pull butter LONDON British Racing Green out and wear it. Plus, it is a gorgeous color that I feel like doesn’t get enough love!

To say the least, I am very excited for tonight’s season finale. Is anyone else watching? What have you thought about this season?

There are (of course) more swatches below the jump!


  1. yay – finally a post about mad men and not true blood!
    this has actually been one of my favorite seasons! betty is finally showing some emotion about don’s new wife and how awesome was it when peggy quit? i actually almost cried during that scene. im sad its gonna be over so soon and just hope it doesnt take another 2 years for the next season.
    oh and this mani is spot on with that jaguar color! when they said that car was called racing green, i immediately thought of this color!

    1. I also really liked this season. It started a bit slow (or maybe it had been 2 years and I had to get back into it, lol) but I really love where they went with (most) of the characters this season.

      I immediately thought of this polish when Lane’s wife told him the Jag was “racing green.”

  2. Wow, the show’s actually made the color a bit depressing now, haven’t it? I do like how the car was so unreliable, it couldn’t even, you know.

    1. I know! I felt terrible but I laughed so hard when Lane couldn’t get the car started…we have a Jag in the family and it’s a headache!

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