Nail Art: Patriotic Polka Dots

This being June 6th, better known as the anniversary of D-Day, I thought a little patriotic nail art would be perfect. The inspiration for this manicure was actually M&M’s. Yes really!  When we had our little family cookout for Memorial Day my mom had set out some red, white and blue M&M’s. I even tweeted a picture of the candy.

I used Ulta Snow White as my base and with the large dotting tool I made for my DIY Dotting Tool post, I used Snow White, OPI Perfectly Red and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue to layer large polka dots. The key to this look is to layer the colors in multiple layers.

This is one of my favorite manicures I have done recently. It’s just fun and festive. And despite looking kind of complicated, it’s very simple. And of course, the color combinations are endless!

There are alot more pictures below the jump 🙂


  1. Gorgeous! Makes me wish our flag had more than two colours! (I am Canadian). How did you make such perfect big dots?

    I have to try this! 🙂

    1. I just used one of my dotting tools I made from a straight pin. It had a wider head so it made the dots a bit wider than normal 🙂

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