Pixi Vivid Coral

I know, I know, another coral nail polish! But really, who doesn’t love coral? It’s the perfect no brainer color for Spring and Summer and if you are even a casual reader of this blog you know I am obsessed.

Recently Pixi launched a polish line. Vivid Coral is the first of their polishes I have tried so I didn’t really know what to expect.

Vivid Coral is a bright neon pink with red undertones. I’m not sure I would call this coral, but it certainly is vivid! I was surprised that this was a neon and I wasn’t at the same time. It does look quite bright in the bottle but not so bright that it was obviously a neon.

For a neon the formula was quite good. This polish does have a jelly feel to it so 3 coats are definitely required to get an opaque color. There is still a slight visible nail line but it is not near as noticeable to the naked eye as it is in the swatch. And as with all neons, this dries to a semi matte finish, so a shiny top coat is definitely required!

The wear from neons is usually pretty bad. A day, or two, at the most is all you’ll get. But this polish actually wore quite well.

Overall, I do like this polish though it is not particularly unique or groundbreaking. Below the jump there is a comparison to some similar polishes in my collection, including Essie Camera and SinfulColors Pink, but I don’t have any dupes. Also in that comparison I did one nail of Vivid Coral over Ulta Snow White. Layering Vivid Coral over a white polish gives the polish an entirely different look.

One thing I do love is the bottle. They are just so cute and different! But they only contain .25 fl.oz of polish and are $8. That is on the expensive side. Until I try a normal (read non  neon) polish from this line I can’t really say whether or not I think they are worth the somewhat steep price tag. Pixi is available at Target and on Pixi’s website.

Make sure to check below the jump for a bunch of other pictures including brush and bottle shots.

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  1. I almost asked where the pic of the polish over white was! (Old eyes and itty-bitty lettering, one combo that’s never good) I can’t believe how different it looks.

    I often use topcoats to get an extra ‘life’ out of my manicure (pearl, flakie etc, you get the idea), but I had not thought of putting something under the polish. And to think I recently got a 18 polish kit with a white in it that I was SURE I was never going to use…today’s the day!

    1. Oh yes….using white under neons gives all your polishes a new life! Finny enough, when I first bought a white polish I thought I’d never use it either. Now it’s one of my most used polishes…go figure!

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