Essie Bazooka

Lights! Camera! Action! Bazooka? Yeah, I don’t get it. But, despite me being dense, or Essie just not making any sense, Bazooka is part of Essie’s Summer 2012 Lights, Camera, Action neon collection. I spotted the collection at CVS and really wanted all 4, but I settled on just getting Camera along with Bazooka.

Essie describes this polish as a bright orange neon. Straightforward and accurate. Much like camera, this isn’t an in your face neon. It’s bright but it’s not quite as bright as your normal traffic cone orange a la SpaRitual Flashback.

Application was on par for a neon polish. The formula is a bit thin and has almost a jelly feel to it so I did need 3 coats to got an opaque color.

The best way to get the most impact out of any of Essie’s neon polishes it to wear them over a white polish like I did with Camera here.

I really love this polish. After wearing it a couple of days I tried doing a tiger stripes manicure with Bazooka as the base. It turned out ok….there is a swatch of that below the jump. After that I ended up doing some nail art I really loved with this polish. I’ll do a post on it in a few days but here’s a sneak peek over on TDV’s Twitter page 🙂


What do you think?