Nail Art: DIY Ombre Nails

Yes, another fashion trend is creeping into the nail world. I love the ombre trend. Not so much hair wise, but I do love it in clothes. So when I saw a tutorial for ombre nails over on The Beauty Department I knew I had to give it a try!

I settled on a purple ombre nail. After digging through my Melmer I settled on using OPI Parlez-vous OPI!?, OPI Done Out in Deco and Essie Nice is Nice. I do love the way this turned out. For how I did it check below the jump!

What you need:

1. 3 or 4 fairly opaque nail polishes. To do a true ombre nail they should all be in the same color family but you can really use whatever colors you want!

2. A makeup sponge.

3. A white nail polish. I used Ulta Snow White.

Now on to the how to. For the most part I followed the instructions from TBD, but I did change a few things after I tried their way.

Step 1: Start off with a base coat and 2 coats of white nail polish. I found putting the white underneath really makes the colors stand out. Let your nails dry completely before moving on to step 2.

Step 2. Wet your makeup sponge and ring it out. It should be damp so it doesn’t just soak up your nail polish.

Step 3: Open all your polish bottles. You can do the colors in whatever order you want but I wanted to do a true ombre so I put the lightest color at the edge of the sponge then the middle color, then the darkest color.

Step 4: Stamp your nail. For best results kind of bounce the sponge up and down on the nail several times until you get the desired result.

Repeat on the rest of your nails and top with a top coat.

And that’s it! Super easy and fun to do and I really do love the way it turned out.

Are you going to give this a try? What colors are you going to use? Let me know in a comment!


  1. Wow! This is by far the easiest way I’ve ever seen to create ombre or just very blended nail colors. Can’t believe I didn’t think of this. Absolutely amazing, thank you so much!

  2. I love this technique! I didn’t have any makeup sponges on hand so I used a regular dish sponge- new of course! It turned out great plus the ombré effect had great texture too! I used purple as well. Base coat was OPI bubble bath, then the purple mix was OPI Panda-monium pink (lightest), Avon Suede Enamel Fuschia Feel ( medium) and the darkest OPI Honk if You love OPI! I love the ombré effect, I even have the highlights in my hair and your technique for nails was so easy I’ll be trying this in different colors for the next few weeks! Thx a mil! PS: I love your blog!!!!

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