Celeb Nails: Ke$ha’s Super Trendy Manicure

I’ve done posts on two of the major nail art trends for Spring and Summer; Border Nails and Caviar Manicures. But not until Ke$ha tweeted a picture of this manicure did I think to merge the two trends. Generally, I try not to mix trends because it’s just too much, but I just had to try Ke$ha’s manicure.

For the border nail part of the manicure I used H&M Pink Me Up for the pale pink and outlined the nail using LA Colors Art Deco in Black. For the Caviar nail I used Maybelline Express Finish in Black Onyx.

While this manicure was interesting I didn’t really love it. It really was just too much. But it was a fun manicure to recreate!

One comment

  1. I have yet to do a caviar mani, i feel that it is unpractical and i would get bored and start chipping off all the microbeads lol. Although i have to admit i think i like having the accent nail of caviar with the boarder…makes the boarder mani less boring.

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