Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps Blue and Gold Stars

Sometimes impulse purchases turn out really well. Some times impulse purchases turn out really bad. Unfortunately, this was an impulse purchase that turned out really bad.

I picked up these nail wraps at CVS almost a month ago. The display is what caught my eye. At first I didn’t really know what the display was selling. I thought it might be a lip tattoo and nail applique combo. Then when I picked up the Blue and Gold Star package I thought maybe it was some kind of eye jewels or shadow along with the nail appliques. Turns out, the only thing included in the package is the nail appliques.

After I cleared up my own confusion regarding the display and packaging, I decided to give these nail wraps a try. The price tag wasn’t bad at $6.99 and I loved the metallic look of the designs which is a look that is not possible to get with just nail polish. Unfortunately, these were just more trouble than they were worth. A full review on the application, wear and removal of these nail wraps below the jump!

Application: There are very simple instructions on the back of the package on how to apply these nail wraps. The instructions are of course a simplified version of how to apply these nail wraps but I wasn’t expecting the application process to be as involved as it turned out to be.

The first thing I noticed on the instructions was the recommendation that hands be warm when applying these nail wraps. I thought that was odd, but continued on with the application process because my hands were warm.

The next thing was to remove and residue on the nail with the provided wipe. The wipe is just 100% acetone. It’s a nice thing to include, I guess, but not really necessary.

Also included was a small nail file and wood stick. Another nice thing to include but I used my own nail file to file my nails and I didn’t find the wood stick necessary to push back my cuticles.

After all that preparation it was time to apply the nail wraps. I followed the instructions to the best of my ability and applying these was a headache. It didn’t seem to matter how much I rubbed the nail wrap into the nail, I had a hard time getting them to stick. Once I finally got them to (mostly) stick to the nail I could not, even after 10 tries, get the tips to not wrinkle. Not only were the tips wrinkled, they were somewhat lifted from the nail.

I had a similar problem (lifting from the nail) with Julep Nail Appliques. To rectify that problem I used a clear polish on top and pushed the applique down on the nail to get it to stick. This sort of worked temporarily for these nail wraps, but as soon as the clear polish dried it would peel right off the top. So definitely do not use a top coat with these nail wraps!

After I finally finished applying these the finished look was just not up to my standards. My nails didn’t look professional, and it certainly didn’t look I spent well over an hour on my nails!

Wear: I admit I only wore these for 2 days. After that I just couldn’t handle the messy look on my nails anymore. I will say, they wore well for the time I had them on. I didn’t have any problems with them pulling any further away from the nail.

Removal: Luckily removing these wraps was alot easier than putting this on! I simply peeled the wrap off the nail and removed any residue with acetone.

I’m so disappointed in this product. Granted I didn’t do any research prior to my purchase, but my expectations were high because they designs were just so pretty! At this point I will  not be giving these another try. I have a few left with I might try as an accent nail in the future.

If you have tried these leave your thoughts in a comment. Especially if you had a good experience with these. It’s completely possible I just did something terribly wrong!


  1. Funny…I’m trying them as we speak and am having a devil of a time! I’ve use the Sally Hansen Salon effects wraps before and although they take time, they last well, wear well and look good. I figured these would be the same. They are next to impossible to shorten. With the SH wraps, just barely running the nail file along the edge effectively cut the extra off the end. These are a boogar to work with. I have two on (each little finger) at this point and I think I’ll quit and apply polish to the other 9 nails in a somewhat matching color and call it a day! Uggh. Not happy with these.

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