H&M Pink Me Up

If you caught my Vegas nail polish haul post over on TDVE you already know this but for those of you who didn’t….my brother is super awesome and picked me up a bunch of polish from H&M while he was in Vegas (Charlotte doesn’t have an H&M…yet…sadface).

One of the things he picked me up was a super cute mini set with three (.1 fl oz) polishes. Pink Me Up is the first of the polishes I have tried. It’s a very flattering pale pink creme. For being such a light pink the formula was actually pretty good. The first coat was super streaky but it evened out after three.

This color isn’t necessarily my cup of tea but it’s always good to have a good conservative pink in your collection. Plus, my skintone is so pink, this is almost mannequin hands for me!

For pictures of the mini set, bottle, brush, etc check below the jump!


What do you think?