SinfulColors – Luminary

Allow me to introduce Luminary! I like to think of Luminary as Neptune‘s  more conservative sister.

Luminary is loaded with the same shimmer as Neptune, but it’s not quite as pronounced – though that could very well be because the base color is lighter so the contrast isn’t there. At any rate, it’s a beautiful light coral polish and it’s moving quickly towards the top of my favorites list. I used 2 coats of Luminary and 1 coat of Seche Vite – et voila!

Alli and I were talking last night- and SinfulColors is really stepping up their game. Part of that I’d attribute to their shameless OPI copy-cat displays – but their latest big hits haven’t been copies – Neptune, Cinderella, Luminary – all seem to be fairly unique this season. Whatever the reason may be, I’m loving a lot of the polishes SinfulColors is creating lately – and for 1.99 (or .99 on a Walgreens sale week) you really can’t go wrong.

Happy Monday!


    1. I really think it depends on the polish – I always use a top coat regardless of what polish I use. I wasn’t a huge fan of SInful Colors two years ago but they are making some fantastic polishes lately.

  1. ahhh luminary!!! my favorite summer polish!!! I used it for the background of my easter bunny nails. I agree that Sinful Colors is stepping their game up. The formulas arent as sheer lately and they are not wearing as fast. I bought a bottle of Zeus from the Coastal collection (at least i think it’s that collection, it’s midnight and i’m tired) and it’s beyond amazing. It’s a purple grey with pink shimmer, a must have in my opinion.

  2. I must be buying the wrong colors then! I only own 2 Sinful colors, and they both went on so thick and streaky I HAD to layer something over them to hide the mess!! Rise and Shine, which is a gorgeous bright teal, and Innocent, a light yellow-leaning sage. I used 1 coat of Sally Hansen HD over both these, I was so disappointed! I was expecting great things from reading your posts, and both of these were just a fail. Sad Face!

    1. Oh no 🙁 Do you use a base coat? I think Sinful Colors is kind of hit or miss -I have several that just don’t work that well for me – ones I bought early on… but I really have liked all that I’ve gotten from their special displays.

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