Celeb Nails: Juliet Simms on The Voice

I know, I know, this is my second post about The Voice in under a week. But, Lauren commented on my post on Christina Aguilera’s nails on The Voice and mentioned Juliet’s nails during the elimination show. I had noticed them during the show as well but hadn’t been able to find a good picture of them anywhere online. I wanted to recreate the look so I took a screenshot of her nails that you can see here.

This is a such a cool nail look. I love the combination of metallic and black and it was super easy to recreate. I did the black parts of the nails first. I used Maybelline Black Onyx but any black creme will do. The thumb and pinky are solid black as well as the inner half of the pointer and middle fingers. Paint the rest of the nails a metallic gold or silver of your choice (I used Orly Rage) and that’s it! The only think you really have to be careful of is making sure the black is completely dry on the pointer and middle finger before adding the metallic polish to prevent the colors from bleeding together.

I really love the way this manicure came out and I got so many compliments on my nails! There is another swatch below the jump!

Who’s your favorite contestant left on The Voice? Juliet is coincidentally mine. She has an awesome voice and clearly has great taste in nails. How can I not love her?


What do you think?