Fish Egg Friday with Color Club’s Metamorphosis

Today the nail blogging community really united against the ridiculousness of Ciate – it’s probably been one of the most entertaining and hilarious days I’ve seen since we started The Daily Varnish almost 2 and a half years ago.

I’m sure by now that you’re all aware that Ciate has contacted some bloggers over their pending patent on the term “Caviar Nails” which apparently was actually used over a year ago by Pattie Yankee & Dashing Diva.

If you ask me, the whole thing is really silly – Ciate needs to learn a lesson from OPI and Deborah Lippman, who have been duped by cheaper brands over and over and take it in stride. With the advent of Pinterest, the DIY craze, and countless colums and segments on “getting the look for less,” it’s only natural that people would want to… well… recreate the look for less. Check out Alli’s DIY Caviar Nails – she spent Less than $7 on 12 sets of beads!! Compare that to one polish + one set of beads for $25 from Ciate…

I have a hard time understanding why Ciate is having such childish response to all this. That being said, neither of us have tried Ciate – and based on this fiasco, I doubt we will.

Lots of people are participating in Fish Egg Friday which is Fantastic! My favorite Fish Egg Friday post can be found here over on The Swatchaholic.

I’ll likely be updating to include more links to other Fish Egg Friday Posts – but for now, be inspired, be bold, and try out a Caviar Fish Egg Manicure!

PS – Many Thanks to Alli for lending me this picture, I am currently beadless and she had just done this gorgeous Caviar Fish Egg accent nail using Color Club’s Metamorphosis this afternoon so she took a picture for me 🙂


  1. They can’t patent “Caviar Nails” because that’s not an invention. They can trademark it, though, but if certain people (ahem, bloggers) can prove they were using the term first, the application can be denied. So their IP lawyer fails for not doing it before :p

  2. Hi I just have a question: do u know of a good matte top coat? I really want to try one but I’m not sure what brand to use

    1. Honestly, all of the matte top coats work pretty much the same. So the cheaper the better! I have personally used Essie Matte About You and Butter London’s matte top coat and both were perfectly fine. Hard Candy (sold at Wal-Mart) has one (or at least used to….) that was a bit cheaper than the Essie and BL top coats.

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