Revlon ColorStay Vintage Rose

I can’t believe Katie pulled that April Fool’s Day prank without even asking me! There was a grain of truth to her little prank. I did pretty badly cut my swatch hand ring finger. My genius boyfriend left an open razor cartridge in a bathroom drawer and well, it somehow found my finger. That’s why I’ve been a little slow posting over the past week. It’s healing pretty quickly and acetone no longer makes me want to completely remove my finger!

Anyways, onto today’s post. Revlon came out with their ColorStay nail polish line ages ago. I just never got around to trying it. The colors didn’t seem to be anything special plus, for a drugstore polish line, the price point is high. These polishes retail between $7 and $9. Luckily I caught a fabulous sale at CVS and got this polish for a little over $2. I had a hard time settling on a color. I finally went with Vintage Rose because it was very NOT me and it didn’t immediately remind me of anything in my collection.

Vintage Rose is a brown leaning medium rose creme. The name is very appropriate! It’s a pretty color, but I don’t love it. Actually, the first time I wore this, I hated it at first, but the color grew on me. It looks very classy and understated.

The formula wasn’t great. It was a bit thick yet not very opaque. Three coats were necessary to eliminate bare spots. According to Revlon’s website this polish is supposed to dry to a gel-like shine. I’m not exactly sure what that means…but the formula was a tad bit gel like and did dry super shiny.

While the formula left something to be desired, I did like the brush. It’s medium in width and flat (there is a picture of the brush below the jump).

Revlon claims this polish wears for 11 days. I didn’t find this polish to be any more long wearing than Revlon’s other line of polishes. Perhaps I’ll try to do a wear test in the future.

After I had this polish on a few days it began to remind me of Essie Angora Cardi. In the bottle they actually look quite similar, but on the nail they look nothing alike. There is a comparison shot below the jump. The only other similar polish I have in my collection is Maybelline Saucy Brown (I still hate that name), though Saucy Brown has significantly more brown.



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